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College Counseling in Denver, Colorado and Beyond

Applying to college gets more complicated and competitive every year. College Direction is here to answer your questions and guide your student throughout the college planning process. Our experience will help your student make the best decisions about college and their future.

​Meet Susie Watts, Your College Planner!

I am Susie Watts, the founder of College Direction. I have 30 years experience in college admission counseling. My goal is to make the college selection, application and admission process as stress-free for your family as possible. I will help your student stay organized, assist in researching potential colleges, support them with their college applications and essays and show them ways to become a successful college applicant. Together, we will find colleges that match your student’s academic, personal and financial needs. I assist high school, graduate and transfer students. I work with a limited number of students each year in order to be available when you need me. You can trust College Direction with your college planning needs!

How Can A College Admissions Consultant Help You?

  • Provide college advising most students do not get in high school
  • Availability for your child and family when you need it
  • Expertise in navigating the college admission process
  • Decrease college stress and anxiety
  • Provide specific knowledge of colleges and their admissions requirements
  • Talk about SAT and ACT recommendations and test prep options if needed.
  • Help with brainstorming and writing college essays
  • Have all applications and essays reviewed
  • Gain a competitive edge in the college admission process
  • Increase financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities
  • Save money by helping your child enroll in one college, have a successful experience and graduate in four years
  • Explain the pros and cons of early action, early decision, regular admission and rolling admission
  • Help your child with the transition from high school and college
  • Assist students applying to graduate schools
  • Serve as a buffer between you and your child. Teens often resist suggestions from their parents, but are willing to accept the same advice from a neutral third person. I am that person.

What Makes College Direction Unique?

COLLEGE DIRECTION is unique in wanting to make college counseling affordable for families who will benefit from the knowledge they receive. According to the U.S. Department of Education, public high school students receive an average of 38 minutes of college counseling per year. I will meet individually with your child to provide the college advising needed for a successful experience transitioning from high school to college. I will also provide specific strategies to improve the chances of acceptance into the schools your child would like to attend. I believe that I can best serve your family by overseeing the entire college planning process and that this will produce the most favorable results for your student.

Text Susie at 303-692-1918 or email [email protected] for a free consultation.

Questions Parents Ask:

I have always felt that college counseling should be more reasonably priced so that families who know how important it can be for their child can take advantage of it. It is just a personal philosophy of mine.

Absolutely not! Each of my students receives the most comprehensive college counseling available. I am not satisfied until your child has been accepted to schools where we all feel they will have a rewarding and successful experience.

Actually, I find that most of my students like it more than coming to my office. It is easier for them to schedule an appointment around hours when they are free, they are comfortable in their own home and they don’t need to travel to see me, especially after school during rush hour traffic.

No, I do not. If someone tells you they do, do not hire them because this is not ethical college counseling. I will do everything I can to help your child become the strongest college applicant he or she can be.

Again, this is not ethical. I will help your student brainstorm topics, organize their thoughts and proofread the essay, but I will not write it.

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