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Discover the Best Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

"Pete has struggled in school because of learning disabilities. Working with you to improve his test scores and getting your college assistance made such a difference. You made him feel like he could succeed in college."
Max H., Conifer, CO
"You helped Sarah find a school that provides the support services she needs. You made it happen and we are so appreciative. Lynchburg couldn't be a better choice."
Janet H., Parker, CO

Learning disabilities make college planning even more complicated than it already is. 
Most learning disabled students need support and additional structure, yet are conflicted and want to try to handle unstructured college life “on their own.”  Fortunately, there are many colleges and universities where students with learning disabilities can be successful. Families need to look for the kind of accommodations that each school provides:  Does your child need tutoring for weak subject areas, availability of audio textbooks, extended time to take tests, priority registration for classes, assigned note takers, or alternative courses for math or foreign language?
College Direction can help your family evaluate the programs that are available at individual schools. We can provide college counseling that will enable your student to have a good college experience, in spite of learning disabilities.

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