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High School Athletes: What You Need to Know Play College Sports

"We had started out with an expensive student-athlete service and were not happy with the schools they came up with. Susie worked with Seth on his college search to find schools that offered him a chance to play golf, but ones that also provided the right academic and social opportunities he was looking for.
Jack T., Steamboat, CO
"Jason received a nice merit scholarship for both his grades and his ability to play on the university baseball team. I don't think it would have happened without your help.
Katherine R., Denver, CO

High school athletes need help finding schools where they can succeed academically and compete athletically. They must be realistic and honest about their potential, commitment, and ability to play an intercollegiate sport in college. Colorado high school athletes often need to bring themselves to the attention of college coaches.

College Direction assists high school student athletes with choosing colleges, applications, college essays and contacting coaches. These students often receive athletic grants or scholarships and enjoy successful college experiences. We work with students who are interested in Division I, II, and III schools, as well as club teams.

Students must ask college coaches the necessary questions to determine if a school is right for them athletically. They also must consider the possibility of injury or burnout and whether they would still want to attend this particular school. College coaches are looking for talented student athletes with good grades, good test scores and great attitudes.

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