My New Book

Beyond the GPA

How to Give Your Student an Edge with College Admissions

From a college consultant with 30 years of professional experience comes a groundbreaking book that will change your approach to college planning. From starting the college conversation to helping your child transition to college, this book will answer every question you have about the college admissions process.

Your student’s GPA is just one piece of the college admissions puzzle. What else really matters?
– This essential guidebook provides you with those answers! It also explains 20 step-by-step strategies to navigate the college search, choose a college major, and help your child stand out in a crowded field of college applicants.
– You will discover ways to encourage your student to write impressive college applications, create memorable college essays, and increase their chances of acceptance into colleges that meet their academic, personal, and financial needs.
– You will find unique insights, expert tips, and must-know information that covers every facet of the college admissions journey.
– You will learn ways to navigate the financial aspects of college confidently, explore innovative solutions that alleviate the financial burden, and open doors to schools that might have seemed beyond reach.
– Your student can use checklists at the end of each strategy to keep track of essential college planning tasks.
– Don’t let your child’s potential go unnoticed. Grab your copy of “Beyond the GPA: How to Give Your Student an Edge with College Admissions” today and open the doors to the schools where your student will be happy and successful!

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    Comprehensive College Planning: What's included?

    1. Meeting with students and parents to discuss student interests, high school courses and student activities
    2. Establish a timeline for college planning
    3. Research and help students find out more about colleges to create a balanced list of schools
    4. Discuss college majors and potential careers
    5. Make suggestions on extracurricular activities
    6. Brainstorm topics and provide guidance with college essays
    7. Help students to prepare for college interviews
    8. Read and review all college applications and essays before submitting
    9. Offer assistance with financial aid and merit scholarships

    10. Show students how to get good teacher recommendations
    11. Help students find ways to show interest in their colleges
    10. Assist student-athletes ​with recruitment
    12. Guide those interested in musical or artistic participation or majors. Help with musical auditions and art portfolios
    13. Provide college visit information and preparation
    14. Help students research career services at colleges they are considering
    15. Advise students as they compare college acceptances and financial aid rewards before making a final decision
    16. Meet with parents and students to talk about transitioning to college


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