College Planning

​Helping kids plan for college is complicated! You cannot rely on friends’ advice, online sources or high school counselors to help you make important decisions for your child’s future. Too many families find this out the hard way. College Direction can help!

College Direction

Don’t make the mistake of using college rankings or well-meaning friends’ suggestions when building your college list. Neither of these can tell you where your child will have the most rewarding experience and receive the best education. One size does not fit all. While the internet has unlimited resources for college research, some of the information can be out-dated or incorrect. Since most college admission committees spend no more than eight minutes reviewing your child’s application, it needs to be the best representation of him or her that it can be. College Direction researches schools that will fit your students’ needs and interests and helps them gain admissions. Good college planning leads to better college decisions and saves you money in the end. College Direction works with students at Denver East High School, Cherry Creek High School, Regis Jesuit High School, Arapahoe High School, Valor Christian High School, Mullen High School, Rock Canyon High School and virtually with students throughout the United States. 


  • 50% of students who start college never graduate. They end up with some college credit, but no degree. 
  • 1/3 of college students transfer or drop out after their freshmen year because the school is not a good fit.
  • 40% of students who transfer from one college to another, lose most of the credits for courses they took
  • Only 41% of college students graduate in 4 years, which adds to additional tuition, housing and expenses.
  • 80% of college students change their major at least once, often requiring additional courses to graduate.
  • The average debt of students who graduated from college in 2020 was $20,600

College Direction provides value and affordability for your college planning needs. Text 303-692-1918 soon. I only take a limited number of students each year.

Comprehensive College Planning: What's included?

1. Meeting with students and parents to discuss student interests, high school courses and student activities
2. Establish a timeline for college planning
3. Research and help students find out more about colleges to create a balanced list of schools
4. Discuss college majors and potential careers
5. Make suggestions on extracurricular activities
6. Brainstorm topics and provide guidance with college essays
7. Help students to prepare for college interviews
8. Read and review all college applications and essays before submitting
9. Offer assistance with financial aid and merit scholarships

10. Show students how to get good teacher recommendations
11. Help students find ways to show interest in their colleges
10. Assist student-athletes ​with recruitment
12. Guide those interested in musical or artistic participation or majors. Help with musical auditions and art portfolios
13. Provide college visit information and preparation
14. Help students research career services at colleges they are considering
15. Advise students as they compare college acceptances and financial aid rewards before making a final decision
16. Meet with parents and students to talk about transitioning to college

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