About College Direction

“I want students to have great college
choices… to be happy and successful at the
schools they attend.”

As the founder of College Direction, I understood early on that working in education was more than a career for me; it was and continues to be my calling. My mission is to support your students as they go through the college selection, application and admission process. I want them to have the knowledge they need to feel confident in their college decisions.

After college, I started my career as a teacher and knew immediately that working with students was where I wanted to be.
I had always enjoyed writing and was hired for a part-time position to write an education column for the Denver Post. 

When my first of five children began thinking about college, I was ready to jump into a different area of education: College counseling. I immediately began visiting colleges and was one of the first independent educational consultants to join the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). From this organization, I met many people in the college admissions field and attended workshops and conferences to broaden my knowledge. I spent hours researching colleges, their curriculum, admission policies and what each offered to provide students with a successful college experience.

​I am one of the founders of the Higher Education Consultants Association. I joined a group of Denver educators and we formed the College Consultants of Colorado. We meet monthly to discuss pertinent issues to the ever changing area of college admissions. We also have regular guest speakers to share their areas of expertise. 

I had a keen interest in the role that the SAT and ACT played in college admissions. I came to realize that test scores were important even when many schools have gone test optional. I discovered in my research that most students were somewhat clueless when they went to take these tests. They simply did not know test-taking strategies or what to expect. They felt anxious and unprepared. They had no concept of time management. Many were better students than their test scores seemed to indicate. As a result, I began tutoring and conducting small group courses to prepare students for both the SAT and ACT.

I enjoy public speaking and have done presentations on college planning and test prep at a number of different high schools and financial institutions. I also have been invited to a number of parent-teacher organizations to speak. I am currently writing a book with a working title of “30 Years of Experience: The Only College Advice You Need.”

Now with 30 years of experience behind me, I reflect on why I chose the name”College Direction” for my college counseling business. It is my goal is to provide a path for students who are beginning the college planning process, to be a guide, an encourager and a mentor. I hope the families who use my services will benefit from the my expertise, training and the value they receive.

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